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TEDxRamallah - Khaled Al Sabawi - Keeping Palestine Cool: A Different Kind of Underground Movement
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Added May 26, 2011
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"What is za purpose of your visit to Izrael?" This is the welcoming question that is asked by Israeli border security to anyone that travels to the Palestinian territories. For this Palestinian, it is to bring green energy to Palestine. Recognizing Palestine's grave energy crisis, Khaled Al Sabawi takes you on his quest to "keep Palestine cool" using geothermal energy. ---------- Khaled Al Sabawi, a Palestinian-Canadian Engineer, received his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada in 2006 and later became the first certified Geothermal Engineer in the Middle East. Khaled installed the first geothermal systems in Palestine in 2007 and went on to becoming the Founder and President of MENA Geothermal, a Palestinian green energy business. MENA Geothermal was awarded the National Energy Globe Award in 2008 and is currently installing the largest geothermal system in the Middle East at a capacity of 1.6 MW megawatts at the University of Madaba in Jordan. Khaled was named "One of the World's Top Energy Entrepreneurs" by Global Post and was recently promoted to the position of General Manager of UCI, MENA's parent company and one of the largest real-estate development companies in Palestine. حصل خالد السبعاوي الفلسطيني الأصل والكندي الجنسية على درجة البكالوريوس في هندسة الكمبيوتر من جامعة واترلو في كندا عام 2006، فأضحى بذلك أول مهندس طاقة جوفية حرارية معتمد في منطقة الشرق الأوسط. وقام السبعاوي بتنفيذ أول نظام طاقة جوفية حرارية في فلسطين عام 2007 ...