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TEDxTucson - Hildy Gottlieb - Creating the Future
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Added Feb 14, 2012
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About This Talk What does it take to create a healthy, vibrant world? Hildy Gottlieb shares a simple framework for creating powerful change in communities and around the world. About Hildy Gottlieb 5 years after transforming her business turnaround practice into a consulting firm helping community organizations, Hildy Gottlieb had a realization: she had changed her life to change the world, but nothing was really changing. So Hildy and her business partner began turning around the systems used by those organizations - strategic planning, governance, program design, funding. And the results they witnessed - rapid, joyful, graceful change - challenged virtually all the assumptions they had about what creates social change. Hildy has co-founded Creating the Future, whose mission is to make visionary community improvement the norm in social change work, rather than the exception. She is the author of several books about social change systems, including The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing Nonprofit Organizations to Create the Future of Our World. Hildy is also the co-founder of the first Diaper Bank in the US, an accomplishment that won her a Points of Light Citation from President Bill Clinton. "I have previously written that Gottlieb is a practitioner's practitioner. I will now add one new observation: Gottlieb is the Community Benefit sector's philosopher." Stephen C. Nill, CEO, CharityChannel on In thespirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local ...