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Cooking with chemistry: Francois Chartier at TEDxUdeM
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Added May 6, 2012
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What makes certain foods pair so well? Why do other combinations fall short? Francois Chartier uses molecular chemistry to investigate the dominant ingredients in our favorite foods -- uncovering some surprisingly tasty blends. (French with English subtitles.)

Known for his innovative research, Francois Chartier is the global reference for harmony and molecular sommellerie—a discipline that he created. To date, he is the only Canadian to have received the International Sopexa Award for being the best sommelier of French wines and spirits in the world. At the 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris, he won the prestigious award for Best Cook Book in the World. The category was innovation (all languages included), and the winning book "Papilles et Molecules" has since been translated into many languages. He is one of the consultants most sought after by renowned chefs of the gastronomic world, such as Ferran Adria from the elBulli restaurant where he collaborated on many dishes and menus during 2009/2010.

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