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TEDxYouth@Singapore - Zakaria Zainal - The Legacy of Singapore Gurkhas
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Added Feb 20, 2012
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Zakaria Zainal is a Singaporean photographer who has travelled to politically unstable countries and documented turmoil during his journeys. Regions he has been to include refugee camps in Pakistan and the streets Kathmandu where he witnessed peaceful protests. He focuses on documentary projects and shows the changing face of Asia in conflict or in progress. His photographs and stories have appeared in several publications both in Singapore and Asia. One of Zakaria Zainal's specialty is the topic of our gurkhas. If there is one man who has a wealth of insight on the subject of Singapore Gurkhas, it would definitely be none other than Zakaria Zainal. About TEDxYouth@Singapore 2011 This is the 12th TEDx event initiated by TEDxSingapore since 2009. TEDxYouth@Singapore 2011 was curated and created BY the youth of Singapore themselves to truly be an expression of who they are, their hopes, aspirations, concerns and dreams. The theme IDEA+ACTION explored and expressed how youth today see things and do things in their own special way. Is life really as simple as having an idea and placing it into action? Speakers shares the future they envision and how they are forming the building blocks of tomorrow. Innovative and insightful educators also shares insights into how they are shaping the hearts and minds of tomorrow's generation. Find out more at About TEDxSingapore TEDxSingapore brings people together to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, and to ...