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Tales from the Crypt: Harvesting Death for Humanities Benefit | Jeffery Tomberlin | TEDxTAMU
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Added Aug 23, 2016
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Dr. Tomberlin discusses the implications of food waste and what his research is showing. His ideas about food waste might surprise you. Think entomology.

Dr. Jeffery K. Tomberlin is the laboratory director and principal investigator of the FLIES (Forensic Laboratory for Investigative Entomological Sciences) Laboratory ( The core research area of his laboratory is decomposition ecology. Primarily, he is interested in understanding the mechanisms that regulate nutrient recycling. Data generated and published from his laboratory has proved instrumental in the development of the black soldier fly as a method for recycling waste for the production of protein. His research has also proved useful in other areas, such as forensic entomology. To date, he has published over 80 peer-reviewed manuscripts along with having 11 MS and 7 PhD students completing their degrees with him. Currently, he has 2 postdoctoral associates, 1 research associate, 4 visiting scholars, 5 MS student, and 9 PhD students under his supervision.

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