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Tales from the Underground | Cheryl LaRoche | TEDxTowsonU
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Added Aug 1, 2016
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The Underground Railroad could not have functioned as effectively as it did without the help of escaped slaves and free African American communities. Dr. Cheryl LaRoche reminds us exactly how impressive the work of people like Harriet Tubman truly was.

For more than a decade, archaeologist Dr. Cheryl LaRoche has been researching and physically exploring the landscapes of 18th and 19th century free Black communities, their churches, cemeteries and institutions, and their relationship to the Underground Railroad. She is a historical and archaeological consultant who combines law, history, oral history, archaeology, geography, and material culture to define nineteenth century African American cultural landscapes and its relationship to escape from slavery. Dr. LaRoche teaches in the Department of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. In this TED Talk she reminds us that the Underground Railroad could not have been a success without the bravery of African American freedmen and women and escaped slaves.

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