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Teardrop: Saving Reefs on a Budget | Maricor Soriano | TEDxMiriamCollege
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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Striving to help the country through her passion in science, Miss Maricor Soriano or simply Miss Ging to her students, dedicated years of studies to develop innovative ways to solve different scientific issues. Working closely with local rural communities, she created effective and ingenious inventions at a lower cost. One of these is the coral reef imaging technology called “Teardrop”, which helps in assessing damage to coral reefs and mapping out the seas. She extends her advocacy to the youth as an educator to young physicists, and encouraging more Filipino children to take on a career in science.

Maricor Soriano is a physics professor from the University of the Philippines Diliman whose research interest is in color, video and image processing. She has collaborated with marine scientists to create tools to visualize coral reefs, with museums to digitally preserve and analyze paintings, and with public health experts to create smartphone-based tools for microscopic diagnosis. For her multidisciplinary work she was recognized in 2006 as Outstanding Young Scientist in Applied Physics, one of nine 2013 Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service in 2013, and was awarded in 2015 a Leaders in Innovation Fellowship by the UK government.

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