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Technical Literary | Bill Schonberg | TEDxUCCI
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Added Jun 22, 2016
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We are all members of a global society, and because of technology, the lives of everyone on this planet are highly interconnected. More so than ever before, nations must work together to solve global problems as they arise - we need to work across borders, across oceans, and across cultures! To be a contributing member of society, everyone needs to be technically literate.

Dr. William P. Schonberg is a Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dr. Schonberg is a registered professional engineer in the States of Missouri and Alabama, and has over 25 years teaching and research experience. He received his BSCE from Princeton University in 1981, and his MS and PhD degrees from Northwestern University in 1983 and 1986, respectively. A significant part of Dr. Schonberg's research is dedicated to improving the safety of spacecraft and of personnel involved in space flight and space operations. As an academic leader, Dr. Schonberg has been department chair at two different universities and served one year as Interim Dean.
In 2007 Dr. Schonberg was honored to receive the Manuel T. Pacheco Award from the University President’s Academic Leadership Institute (PALI) in recognition of his outstanding leadership accomplishments. In 2014 he was a Visiting Professor at UCCI.

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