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Technology convergence = innovation | Kobi Richter | TEDxRuppin
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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Dr. Ricther presents examples of technological convergence that leads to innovation and explains why a multi disciplinary system is key to an entrepreneurial society.

Board member and founder of Medinol, Dr. Richter is a renown Israeli businessman. Dr. Richter, who served in the Israeli military as a fighter pilot, directed the research and development department of the IAF and worked as a neuroscientist and AI researcher at M.I.T. After his discharge from the army Dr. Richter founded Orbot with his brother. A company that manufactured testing systems for electric components. Later, Dr. Richter founded biotechnology company Medinol. Medinol develops stents for cardiovascular treatments. Throughout the years Kobi has been involved in many other business ventures, one of them founding and managing the "Marathon" hedge fund.

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