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Tell a Story, Protect the Planet | Piper Christian | TEDxSaltLakeCity
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Added Oct 7, 2016
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Piper Christian is a 16 year old environmental advocate. While at the Paris Climate Summit, she discovered the power of stories by interviewing people from 6 continents about how environmental threats affect their lives. Upon returning home, she used storytelling to legislate environmental change both locally and nationally. She describes how you too can use storytelling to move people to action.

Piper Christian is full of life and loves the outdoors. She grew up canoeing the lakes and marshes near her hometown of Logan, Utah, camping in Utah’s Southern Deserts, and hiking the canyons of the Wasatch and Uinta Ranges. Piper’s family instilled in her a deep love of nature. As a 16 year old, she has become a passionate advocate for youth environmental stewardship. She has discovered the power of storytelling to move people to action. As the president of the Logan Environmental Action Force, she helped pass a Clean Air and Sustainability Resolution through the Logan City Council, and is working to pass similar resolutions across Utah. She co-founded the Student Coalition for Institutional and Environmental Integrity, which fosters youth environmental awareness and activism throughout Utah.

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