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The Abracadabra System | نظام أبرا كدابرا | Esra Elhassi | TEDxAlFwayhat
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Added Sep 7, 2016
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إن البحث عن المعرفة هو المحرك الأساسي للتقدم الفكري والنهضة الثقافية. من هذا المنطلق تقوم إسراء في إطار مغاير وتحت مسمي فريد من نوعه (نظام أبرا كدابرا) بتسليط الضوء علي مدي تأثير النظام التعليمي في توفير مناخ مناهض لحرية الإبداع و الفكر . قناعةً منها بأن الخطوة الأولى لأحداث تأثير فارق في نظم التعليم هو بإدراك لوجود مشكلة.
Knowledge is the primary engine of intellectual development and cultural change. From this prospective, Esra sheds light on the impact of the educational system form in the provision of anti-climate for freedom of thought and creativity. She presented this in a different framework and with a unique metaphor of (ABRA Kdabra System). She is convincing that the first step to make a significant impact in the education systems is through the perception of the problem.

A 22-years-old dentistry student at University of Benghazi. A graffiti artist and a very picky reader. Esra strongly believes education is the main source in creating the light at the end of the tunnel. “I’m a work in progress and I will never settle for anything less than the best version of myself”.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at