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The Art of Juggling | Radhika Nathan | TEDxGWHSchool
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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What if you aren't cut out for one thing alone? In this talk, Radhika takes us on her journey marrying what would seem like two completely incompatible careers.

In her own words, Radhika Nathan, author of the historical "The Mute Anklet", is a juggler, a meanderer and a rolling stone. Her interests are eclectic, from anthropology and history to science. A self-proclaimed believer in the power of well-written sentences, travel is something she enjoys and has been to more than a dozen countries- for the love of meeting new people and discovering new cultures. Radhika is driven by her fascination of human beings, intrigued by their archetypal & atypical behaviour and likes to use her writing as a means to think and re-examine a point of view or a preconceived notion. Radhika is also a firm believer in a spiritual and balanced approach to life that welcomes science.

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