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The Artist's Guide to Avoiding Normality | Aydin Aghdashloo | TEDxTUA
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Added Sep 13, 2016
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How does an artist avoid the traps of getting stuck in a rut and losing his spark? How does an artist stay unique in a world of normality?

Aydin Aghdashloo (October 30th, 1940, Rasht, Iran) is an Iranian painter, author, film critic and graphic designer. His work is known for reflecting death and gradual inexistence as well as a modern and surreal recreating of well-known classic renaissance paintings. His collections, "Memories of Destruction" and “Years of Ice and Fire” are considered two of the most important collections in Iran’s modern art. Aghdashloo started design, painting and graphic design when he was a teenager and he illustrated for Iranian school books, magazines and private institutes. He also helped establish Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Reza Abbasi museum in which he was head of until 1979. After the revolution, Aghdashloo is considered one of the most famous and influential painting teachers of Iran’s third generation of modern artists. Other than numerous paintings, he has published hundreds of artistic and cinematic reviews, historical researches and itineraries.

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