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The Barbados National Anthem | The St. Leonard's School Boys' Choir | TEDxBridgetown
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Added Jun 20, 2016
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A beautiful rendition of The Barbados National Anthem sung by the St. Leonard's School Boys' Choir.

The St.Leonard’S 100 Boys’ Choir was formed in 2008 with the expressed purpose of developing choral singing and music on a whole in Barbados. This Barbadian Choir of national acclaim to date continues to play a prominent role of interpreter and champion of the still under-appreciated classical genre. The choir is praised for its distinctive choral textures, lush harmonic palette, lyrical melodic sense, juicy chord changes, sudden contrasts in volume and prodigious output. The choir continues to inspire and thrill audiences throughout Barbados. Thrusting through the songs, tunes and textures we sing are the most profound messages of brotherhood and hope. The fact that immense practice and painstaking effort are put into the preparations for the performances is clearly evident and unmistakeable. The choir’s vision continues to be to inspire a nation to greatness through its wonderful music with its translucent textures, lithe clarity and powerful transforming lyricism.

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