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The Correlation Between Happiness and Purpose | Nathan Fu | TEDxIrvingtonHighSchool
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Added Jul 13, 2016
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How does prom dress shopping relate to identity and happiness? Can we truly find "the one" dress?

Nathan Fu is not your typical speaker at a Ted Talk. He is not inspirational, smart, and definitely not a role model. In fact, he is in many ways the opposite of a role model; he is extremely cheap, does things in his own shady way, and occasionally, he weirds people out. However, Nathan is a guy passionate for a variety of things like cooking, gardening, and of course, music. Most importantly, he is happy with who he is, despite never really fitting in to certain stereotype. But before this, Nathan tried to change his character numerous times in order to fit in, only to end up looking like a fool time after time. It wasn't until when he gave up trying to fit in that he finally became happy and started ignoring what others thought of him and began living life in his own cheap, shady, and unique way. In his Ted Talk, Nathan hopes to spread his happiness to others and encourage people to start living their own lives.

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