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The Earth Saves Us | Rebecca R. Lambert | TEDxDirigo
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Added Jun 20, 2016
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Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert descends from a lineage of land preservationists on a very large and public scale. But from within this legacy of earth-saving she has discovered the power of letting the earth save you. In this poetic talk Rebecca reveals her personal journey and invites us to see our relationship with environmentalism in a new light.

A scion of the Rockefeller family, Rebecca grew up wanting to save the world. Through her education, board service, philanthropy, and career she tackled environmental problems and championed human rights. But five years ago she left her job as a climate and energy planner and fasted alone in the desert. This three-day quest, and the experiences that followed, turned her perspective upside down. She is still passionate about environmental conservation and justice, but she is even more interested in cultural transformation. She’s curious about the cultural proclivities that put humans at odds with the rest of nature, and she’s on the hunt for practices and perspectives that seed cultural change. Rebecca now guides retreats for environmental leaders and others to help them connect with their calling, learn from nature, and mark transitions in their lives. Rebecca is a mother, an artist, a philanthropist and an avid rock climber.

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