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The Equity Economy | Colin Vincent | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 30, 2016
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In the new equity economy, people are coming together as a community, doing work on the side, for a cause they believe in.
Most start-ups fail because they can't find a product-to-market fit before they die.
Sort of like your first job, where no one will hire you without experience, and you need experience to get hired, start-ups need to develop their product offering to raise needed infusions of cash, yet the infusion of cash is needed to do the development.
Because of this paradox, a wealth of opportunity and great ideas are being lost to the world.

Colin Vincent is a web application developer, serial entrepreneur, documentary photographer and start-up champion. He is Founder of MojoPics and co-founder of and the Equity Directory. Equity Directory connects people with aligned visions and shared passion, based on an equity/work exchange. Many start-ups that find early success in product development run out of capital before finding their true market niche. This leaves many of the most inventive, successful products offerings in the forgotten land of failed startups. Colin set out to solve that problem.

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