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The Fastest Folk Dancers of the World | Fricska | TEDxDanubia
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Added Jul 11, 2016
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A must see performance demonstrating the successful reinterpretation of tradition by Fricska, the Hungarian dance ensemble holding the title of “The Fastest Folk Dancers of the World” since 2014. They are the ones who stole the “Fastest Dancer” title from Michael Flatley and if you watch this video, you won’t be surprised!

The ingenious, virtuoso dance ensemble Fricska (meaning flick, i.e. sudden sharp movement) is comprised of dance‐contest winners Ahmed Moussa as artistic director, Gergely Bálint Papp and Máté Bence Papp. Adding their own spin to traditional dynamic folk dances with their own creative and high‐spirited thigh‐slapping, foot‐tapping and hand‐clapping routine, their mission is to make authentic Hungarian folk dance more ‘up to date’ and consequently fashionable, thus reaching out to contemporary audiences. Apart from acquainting and wowing their audiences with the dynamic dances of the Carpathian Basin, including Hungarian, Romanian and Gipsy folklore through their astounding personal achievements and special rhythmic productions, they set the international record by performing 3,937 clacks and strikes in a two‐minute dance session to beat the fastest dance rhythm in the world.

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