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The Future Belongs to the Courageously Curious | Doug Burgum | TEDxFargo
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Added Sep 15, 2016
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What’s the best question you asked today?

The norms of society have been built on ideas of scarcity of resources, of information, of access and of connection. But as society turns the corner from scarcity to abundance, the skills and traits necessary to unlock our next level of potential are built around courageous curiosity.

In a world of abundant information, tapping into our deepest curiosities and acting on them can improve humanity and make the world a better place. As access to this abundant information equalizes and democratizes, the future belongs to the curious… the people who seek to understand more than the information at their fingertips. Through good questions we can more deeply understand others and ourselves.

North Dakota entrepreneur and philanthropist Doug Burgum challenges us to stay curious and begin transforming the world one courageously curious question at a time.

Recognized globally for his visionary business and entrepreneurial leadership Doug Burgum attributes his success to the values and ethics instilled by his family and community. A native of Arthur, ND, Doug, as chairman and CEO, is credited for leading Great Plains Software, a small North Dakota computer software startup company, through a successful IPO in 1997 followed by a strategic acquisition by Microsoft Corporation in 2001 for $1.1 billion, where he continued his leadership as senior vice president through 2007.
Doug reaffirmed his passion for North Dakota in 2006 when he founded Kilbourne Group, a company committed to reinvigorating the economic viability of downtown Fargo. In 2008 Doug co-founded Arthur Ventures, a regional B2B software venture capital firm.
In 2009, Doug received the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award, North Dakota’s highest honor. The award recognizes North Dakotans who have been influenced by North Dakota in achieving national recognition in their fields.

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