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The Grand Piano: a tool for cultural amalgamation | Deepak Shah | TEDxEMWS
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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In this remarkably soothing performance, the creative and passionate pianist Deepak Shah connects the eastern and western worlds by using the very western piano as a tool to bring out the nuances of Hindustani classical ragas.

The Classic Grand Piano has predominantly been associated with Western Classical Music, Deepak took upon the challenge of Mastering the Piano by playing Indian Classical Raagas on it. Innovation and Experimentation have always been Deepak's forte and his dream is to leave behind a legacy through the amalgamation of Western and Indian music. By blending the playing styles of String Instruments like the santoor, sitar,and mandolin, Deepak has created his own unique identity when it comes to playing the Grand Piano. Deepak has already applied for Guinness Books of World Records as the Fastest Pianist in Indian Classical Music, as the existing record is in Western Classical music at 360 notes per minute and Deepak already plays 390 notes per minute in Indian Classical Music. With this achievement well under way he has also had many concerts where through the use of videos and music he has been able to spread important social messages about protecting this Earth and the Environment.

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