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The Great Debt Switch | Chandila Fernando | TEDxColombo
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Added Sep 15, 2016
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Speaking about love, the courage to be different and dreaming big, the next TEDxColombo 2016 speaker, Chandila Fernando brought to focus a timely matter: clearing Sri Lanka’s debts, illustrating 'oil for debt swaps' as a clever and alternative solution to refinancing debt.

Having graduated from Royal Holloway College, University of London with a BA (Hons) in Politics and Social Policy, Chandila started his journey by setting up a cell phone company at 19. Having failed in a series of other businesses and seeing the financial independence of innocent people evaporate during the economic crash of 2008; his inner belief was reinforced that bad debt dis-empowers people and takes away human dignity.

Gaining significant insight from his own failures, he became CEO of the UK’s No. 1 Aero Medical Business, worked with the government of Sri Lanka and then went on to advise a former Prime Minister’s private office; all before the age of 40.

His curiosity also led to trying his hand at politics, entitling Chandila with the record for being the youngest person in British history to run for President of a national, political party.

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