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The Great-Good | Brian Wells | TEDxCincinnati
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Added Aug 12, 2016
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Brian Wells challenges us to fill our lives with entertainment that is both creatively awesome and also calls out the best in us.,

Brian Wells is co-founder of Flashlight Entertainment. Brian oversees
creative development and television packaging focused on broadcast,
cable and digital entertainment for the whole family. After beginning his career in public affairs with Illinois Governor James R.
Thompson, Brian worked for a decade in marketing at Procter & Gamble.
His work has included movies, specials and series for NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and Hallmark Channel, including serving as Executive Producer on 15 movies for television.
Outside of his work in entertainment, Brian has founded and led work to combat child
trafficking in South Asia, resulting in over $4.5 million investment to-date in rescue and rehabilitation. In March, 2016 Brian’s first novel, The League And The Lantern became one of the most
successful children’s novels by a debut author in Kickstarter’s history and released to wide acclaim from both kids and parents in May, 2016.

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