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The Importance of Bees in our Environment | Maria Ciminillo | TEDxMaumeeValleyCountryDaySchool
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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Colony collapse disorder is an issue that many people have never heard of, but it has a tremendous affect on the bee population, and in turn on our environment. One third of the fruits and vegetables that we eat are pollinated by bees, and if we continue to encroach on their natural habitats and use harmful pesticides the effects could be detrimental. What are some ways that we can help the bees? How can we spread awareness?

Maria Ciminillo, a junior at Maumee Valley Country Day School, is a varsity cheerleader and lacrosse player. She is active in her school's animal rights club and is currently helping to organize Maumee Valley's prom. Her favorite subject in school is English and she hopes to go to college to study social sciences and possibly law.

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