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The Joys of Not Being Enough | Luke Azzopardi | TEDxUniversityofMalta
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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A year ago, Luke was faced with a moment of crisis- and choice in his artistic development. Faced with the nagging thought that one can never truly be good 'enough', he embarked on a profoundly intimate exercise which transformed that fear into his motivational driving force.

Luke Azzopardi is a Couturier, Production Designer, & Installation Artist. He studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UAL) in London and at the University of Malta (UoM), where he is currently reading for an MA in Art History.

His self-titled luxury design house based on the Maltese Islands specialises in bespoke couture. Luke focuses on the idea of timeless elegance, and reflects a sense of a researched and applied aestheticism. The brand's mission is to push artisanal design as a self-sustainable local industry through concept-based fashion that embraces beauty, individuality and style.

Throughout all of his research and design work, Luke aims to use fashion design, and to a broader sense, pop, as modern day narratives to define postmodernism in Malta, as well as to explore the realities of postmodernist issues as lingering phenomena. He is concerned with pinpointing a set of aesthetic principles by which one can create and discuss contemporary fashion.

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