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The Kidnapping of the American Dream | Brian Mac Mahon | TEDxUCIrvine
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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When Brian Mac Mahon arrived to the United States to pursue the business success which many before him have sought after, he realized something that rocked his entire understanding of the term "The American Dream". Could it be that succeeding at the American Dream is dependent more on connections with rich institutions, rather than the hard work of creative individuals? In his talk, Brian deconstructs the concept of the American Dream and discusses his proposed solution to an imperfect system.

Brian Mac Mahon is currently the CEO of Expert DOJO, the largest training academy for entrepreneurs in Southern California. Throughout his career Brian has lived in over 35 countries gathering business and entrepreneurial experience along the way. This experience has helped form and contribute to his passion of finding creative and effective ways to increase the success rates of entrepreneurs.

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