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The Life Altering Power of Perspective | Angela Popplewell | TEDxUofW
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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Angela Popplewell challenges the superhero complex that we need to “save” others and discusses how she came to that realization. Angela speaks about her non-profit 100cameras and using that model to educate about perspective as those very same others that we believe need "saving" can teach us a lot too.

Angela Francine Popplewell is a founder and the Chief Storyteller for 100cameras, a non-profit organization that teaches kids around the world that their stories matter and helps them explore their narratives in the context of a global world. Students share their perspectives through photography and then sell their images, empowering them to become change makers. Popplewell has worked abroad with educational and community development programs in places such as Romania and India. These experiences along with others redirected her passion to working with kids, the power of storytelling, and local community development initiatives worldwide. Prior to 100cameras, she was one of charity:water's first interns and was Director of Development at New Life of NYC, an inner-city community center located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Popplewell lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Ty, and their newborn son, Theodore Brooks.

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