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The Other Side of Fear | Luke Robertson | TEDxGlasgow
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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On 13th January 2016, Luke Robertson became the first Scot and the youngest Brit to ski solo, unassisted and unsupported to the South Pole. He was also the first person to ever do so with an artificial pacemaker and having undergone brain surgery only 2 years previously. In his talk, Luke will explore how his condition and the setbacks he encountered during the expedition itself, threatened to disrupt his dreams to make it to the South Pole and how he harnessed his fear as a positive force.

Luke Robertson is no stranger to overcoming challenges. After recovering from having an artificial pacemaker fitted and more recently from undergoing extensive brain surgery, he became the youngest Brit, the 2nd youngest in history and the first Scot to complete a solo, unsupported and unassisted expedition to the South Pole, Antarctica. Luke is an ambassador for both Marie Curie and for the Polar Academy, has been on expeditions to Norway and Greenland and competes in a variety of long distance, extreme, endurance events.

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