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The Power and Pitfalls of Labels | John Jenkins | TEDxWilmington
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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John Jenkins was diagnosed with dyslexia after 4th grade. He didn't know what it meant, so he assigned himself the label "non-reader." In his mid-forties, John ran into a number of crippling challenges. During conversation with an old friend, she mentioned a book that had helped her immeasurable. At first, John's hope nearly vanished, but instead, he downloaded the audio book, read it in two days, and it changed his life. His talk challenges each of its listeners to examine how their own labels might be interfering with their potential, to find the possible in impossible, and to help others do the same. Since that conversation, John has read 70 books (3.5 times the number he had read in his life before).

John Jenkins is a Wilmington, DE based architectural photographer turned entrepreneur. Encouraged by his father to own his own business, John chose an education track to pursue a career in photography. Educationally John did well, graduating from The Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Professional Photography. He struggled in school and in college with reading and spelling. After discovering an effective work-around for the reading challenge during a life struggle, John found himself on a path of daily education through reading. He has now become an “avid” reader with an emphasis on education, personal development and overcoming adversity. This passion has lead to leadership and progressive business development. Helping people get to their highest and best is simply what drives John.

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