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The Power of Decision-Making | Chantal Charbonnier | TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall
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Added Jul 25, 2016
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Chantal Charbonnier talks about the importance of decision making. She spreads the message that we all live by a story and it is time to rewrite it.

Chantal Charbonnier has created a life of enjoyment, fulfillment, and ambition. Two years ago, she attended her first Tony Robbins conference where she uncovered her passion for constant learning and improvement in the quality of her life. Chantal is a social butterfly who lives for fast-paced experiences. In her free time, you may find her taking photos of shore break, leading the Yearbook team at Maui Preparatory Academy, outrigger paddling, or working with Hawai’i Leaders Core. She is highly involved in her community – whether it be for a school play or rallying a team to raise money for cancer. After high school, Chantal plans on studying Business at a university.

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