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The Power of Dialogues | Hanif Qadir | TEDxDanubia
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Added Jul 11, 2016
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Even the personal story of de‐radicalization expert Hanif Qadir stretches between the extremes: as a former extremist, he joined Al‐Qaeda in Afghanistan. Deterred by the crimes
he saw being committed against civilians, he returned to the UK to dedicate his life to supporting youth exposed to extremism. In this talk, Mr Qadir relates the ideological drift that led to the surge of ISIS and shares his views on the way the western world should deal with the situation.

Hanif Qadir is the CEO of the ActiveChange Foundation. He aims to encourage young people (gang members, football hooligans and religious fanatics) to embrace a positive future and to help youth in danger of becoming radicalized. He is actively involved in advising and assisting senior policy makers, working closely with a wide range of governmental institutions, most of the UK’s Police Authorities, as well as research academics across the globe. At the same time, Hanif and his team are using social media to engage Muslims in condemning ISIS, like in their ‘Not in my name’ campaign.

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