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The Power of Laziness | Michael Leong | TEDxACSindependent
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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Laziness is often cast as a negative force in our society, whether it is the resistance to change or the instinctive compulsion to choose an easier option over another with the same outcome. Michael Leong, a Year 6 Student from the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Singapore, presents a novel way to change our mindsets and harness the positive effects of laziness in order to solve some of our biggest societal challenges plagued by laziness.

Presently a Year 6 Student at ACS (Independent), Michael studies the disciplines of Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Languages and the Visual Arts for his IB Diploma, all of which have allowed him to gain insights into the complexities of the human environment and the world. He also participates in a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial competitions, most notably winning awards at the annual ImaginaXium regional innovation conference since 2012 and leading the champion team of the Asian Finals of the Boston Consulting Group’s Business@School Programme in 2013. His other interests also saw him partake in a number of multi-faceted projects with Singapore’s Economic Development Board, Land Transport Authority, and National Environment Agency, and saw him teach photography at the Pathlight School for students diagnosed with mild autism. Through his interests, Michael has discovered the he is an urban process observer at heart.

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