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The Red Cross in the International Community | Jack McGuire | TEDxFranklin&MarshallCollege
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Added Jun 28, 2016
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As the former President and CEO of the American Red Cross, Jack McGuire discusses how the International Federation of the Red Cross works as a transnational institution through its many chapters. Following a common set of principals, the Red Cross/Red Crescent around the world strives to bring aid wherever it is needed without letting political systems, religions, or national borders stand in the way.

A leader in turnaround management, Jack McGuire helped to revitalize a succession of companies, including the American Red Cross. When the organization was reeling from a public relations crisis surrounding their performance in the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina, they selected McGuire as President and CEO to refocus the organization. Through his experienced leadership, effective external and internal communication, and leveraging of the power of human capital he made the necessary changes for the organization to regain its credibility and get back on track.

Drawing from his Harvard MBA education and his experience as a US Marine Corps Captain, McGuiredemonstrated leadership under fire at not only the Red Cross, but also during his career at Johnson & Johnson and at smaller NASDAQ companies. He resides in central Vermont with his wife of 40 years and has taught at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College since 2008.

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