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The Revolution of JW ECO-Technology | Jui Wen Chen | TEDxHsinchu
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Added Sep 29, 2016
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The JW ECO-Technology - An invention that few people know about today, but will dominate the world in the coming decade. The inventor of this pavement technology describes how it works and why he cared so much to create this technology.

From radical climate to global warming, we’re on a verge of a world wide climate change. People are in desperate need of an eco-friendly architectural technique that can not only stand through the versatile environment, but can actually cooperate with it. This is how JW Ecotechnology Methods are born.

The JW Ecotechnology Methods stresses the importance of one of their ingenious designs, the Air-Circulated Pervious Pavement. It is virtually a breathing pavement in the Earth, with its Aqueduct Assembly that is used for drainage and evapotranspiraton of air,water and moist. It has amazing effects on preventing or reducing flood, ground sinking, regulating air temperature, carbon capture and pollution reduction, to name a few.

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