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The Right Amount of Wrong: The Art of Innovation | Aron Teo Lee | TEDxHerndon
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Aron discusses how creativity happens and how we can develop our understanding of innovation. He suggests ways we can calibrate our innovation and define the right amount of wrong.

Aron “Teo”Lee is a husband, father, artist, teacher, serial entrepreneur and dreamer. It has taken 6 companies, 6 failures, 6 dreams differed to find the idea that mattered. As the founder of DEILAB, Aron has amassed thousands of hours and traveled throughout the country teaching students about design, engineering and innovation while curating professional development sessions for organizations focused on collaboration and social innovation.

Aron graduated from Hampton University in Virginia with a degree in Psychology. He went on to a career in corporate sales, business development while pursuing the entrepreneurial ambitions that led to the founding of DEILAB. However, Aron’s first love was music. He began playing bass in elementary school, has recorded nationally, works as a studio musician and performs regularly today.

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