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The Secret Of Happiness Out Of Concern For The Blind | Bapak Kuswanto | TEDxUNS
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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As his concerns for the school of disability people which has low curriculum of religion and the lack of place to learn Quran, Kuswanto then provide a place to set up a special Quranic learning for the visually impaired for free. In that place, the visually impaired people can explore and learn about religion and reinforce each other. Not just learn about religion, they are also taught about entrepreneurship so later they can make their own money.

Mr. Kuswanto is a lecture of Faculty of Engineering at Sebelas Maret University (UNS).
Most of his time is dedicated to blind people who can not read the Qur'an. He gave the place as well as supporting facilities so that blind people can learn the religion better
He did it because he was concerned with disabilities schools which are still minimum provides religious materials according to school to share with blind people is one of the joys of life.

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