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The Secret Taboo of Respect | Diana Lutfi | TEDxYouth@Walnut
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Added Aug 11, 2016
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What turns strangers into friends? This was the same question Diana asked everytime she tries to assimilate into new environments and cultures. In this riveting talk, she explores the interworkings of the often misunderstood concept of "Respect" and claims that it's actually a huge key to understanding meaningful social interactions.

Diana Lutfi is a UC Berkeley undergraduate concentrating in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Medical Ethics. Her research focuses on understanding patient-physicians interactions and the roles by which personality traits and pain assessments factor in such dynamics. During high school, Diana sphere-headed a TEDxYouth movement in Southern California as well as initiated & managed two successful programs: Debate and Robotics. She is an avid debater and scholar, a self-proclaimed adventurer, and (in just recent terms) a life's ethnographer - detailing many of her observations through journals and written accounts as means of deeply understanding people and life in making sense of her vast experiences having grown up in a disadvantaged household. At Berkeley, Diana currently works in the University of California School of Public Health as a paid Research Assistant for an NSC-funded dissertation examining Institutional Review Boards.

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