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The Shape of Things to Come | Jeff Murugan | TEDxTableMountain
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Added Jun 24, 2016
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Jeff believes that the 21st Century will see diverse fields coming together in ways we have never seen before - the dawning of the Era of Information. And by applying the mathematical field of Topology to complex data sets, systems and problems, we can gain fresh insights that could lead to understanding even the most complex entity in the world, the human brain.

Jeff Murugan was born in Tongaat. On completion of a BSc degree, majoring in applied mathematics and physics, he obtained a first class Honours degree in specialising in mathematical physics all at UCT. This was followed by an MSc for a thesis on topological solutions of low dimensional field theories. In 2000, he was awarded a Lindbury Fellowship to pursue a PhD jointly at UCT and Oxford University. After being awarded a PhD for his work on noncommutative geometry in string theory, he began work as a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University. He returned to a faculty position as a lecturer at UCT in 2006. Prof. Murugan is currently a deputy head of the Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics at UCT. He also heads the Laboratory for Quantum Gravity & Strings. Among his accolades, he is the recipient of the bronze medal of the South African Mathematical Society, a founding member of the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS), current president of the SA Gravity Soc.

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