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The Toughest 32 Days of My Life | David Zammit | TEDxUniversityofMalta
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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Having graduated from a prestigious London college, David admits that he could've easily marched along into the conformist world of capitalism. Instead, he embarked on a 32-day journey across the Australian continent which was as arduous as it was revelatory. "Pain," David states "is a shortcut to mindfulness."

David graduated with honours in International Business and Economics from the University of Manchester. During this period, he co-founded a clothing company in partnership with the high street fashion label American Apparel. The company’s innovative ideas caught the attention of PwC UK in 2013, and where recognised with the award of University Business Champions.

Following University, David decided to immerse himself fully in the world of adventure sport, a long time interest of his. This saw him climbing mountains in various continents and sailing across oceans. Additionally, he is most known for his 32 day, 4200km solo expedition, where he cycled across the Australian continent.

Aside from adventure travel, his foremost passions include photography and writing, both of which he has delved deeply into as a means of sharing his incredible experiences with the world.

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