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The Unexpected Virtue of Incompetence | Blake Koemans | TEDxArlee
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Blake describes his own successes and failures on the road to filmmaking and in life.

Like Jesus, Blake Koemans is the son of a skilled carpenter. Also, Blake likes making things up and has serious delusions of grandeur. Blake grew up in Arlee and is a prime example of what can happen when aggressive laziness and apathy mix with an inability to show up on time and possible un-diagnosed attention deficit disorder. After graduating not at the top of his class from Arlee High School in 2006, Blake went on to study physics and mathematics at the University of Montana. That however proved much too challenging, and Blake graduated from UoM with a bachelors degree in Media Arts in 2012, again not at the top of his class.

For those keeping score at home, 6 years is not the normal amount of time it takes to get an art degree.

His aforementioned tendencies to fictionalize and smug arrogance naturally led Blake into an industry where those qualities are valued, filmmaking. Since graduating from the University of Montana Blake has spent his time working in television and film. Bl

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