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The Wonder Weeks | Marco Plas | TEDxGlasgow
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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During the first 20 months of life, a baby experiences 10 major mental disruptions. These 10 disruptions form the foundation of the brain architecture and build our hierarchy of perception. In his talk, Marco will explore how understanding these disruptions and helping a baby through them will drastically improve self-esteem, health, intelligence and creativity; elements that are crucial to furthering the human race.

Marco Plas has a triple Master’s degree in Economics, Informatics and Applied Mathematics. He is the Head of Research at I.R.I.S. (Int. Research Institute of Infant Studies), the course director of the Wonder Weeks Academy and the head of production at Kiddy World Publishing. With his team, he conducts research into the mental development of infants in the age-range of 0 to 5 years (with a particular focus of the range between 20 and 60 months). He continues the work of researching the theory of infant development started by the founders of the Wonder Weeks, Dr. Frans Plooij and Dr Hetty van de Rijt.

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