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The Yin of Art; the Yang of Science. | Evan Meade and Rene Jimenez | TEDxYouth@SanAntonio
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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These two students mesh the Science of Quantum Physics and the Art of drawing. From cartoons smashing frying pans in the face of a fictitious character to 3D printing providing the inspiration for their talk, these two speakers trade off points and counterpoints as they compare and contrast these two disciplines.

Evan, a sophomore at Keystone school, is passionate about STEM. He's been on a competitive robotics team (called the Randomists) for five years, and in that time has been able to spread that passion and inspire other teams through mentoring programs across the state. He also regularly competes in science fair, showing off a variety of math and computer science related projects that deal with artificial intelligence, random numbers, and quantum computing, and he carries a calculator at ALL times. In his free time, Evan likes to write Java code on a computer that he built himself or to teach himself new topics such as graph theory.
Rene is a high school freshman and artist with the unshakeable feeling that art is not encouraged nearly enough in schools or in the community. He believes that art should be a communal experience. He likes to play the drums, read, meet new people, and try new hobbies.

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