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The era of sending out messages in the individualistic ways. | esquisse | TEDxYouth@Kobe
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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Today you can pose questions and raise awareness of issues more easily
through blogging or SNSs. And esquisse has awareness of issues about what
“Kenchiku (Architecture)” should be. They have been raising their voice to
society by their original method. Let’s see their novel and unique method of
sending messages.

“esquisse” is an architectural group of two college students, Yurie Kibi from Tokyo University and Kyoko Tsuzuki from Tokyo University of the Arts. With their motto “Anata to kenchiku shitai (We want to construct with you.),” they are trying to connect “people/society” and “architecture.” Taking advantage of their unique ways of grasping cities/spaces and of processing ideas, this student union designs anything like a piece of paper, even a city, with their unique and eye-opening perspectives of the world. They send messages through their works. They ask us “What does construction mean to the world?” or “How is a place produced?” By doing so they are trying to redefine “Kenchiku (Architecture).”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at