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The first sight after going off the ordinary rail | wasabi | TEDxYouth@Kobe
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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Having studied abroad as a part of her academic study at Manchester University, England, wasabi graduated from Dokkyo University in 2014. After graduation, she decided to throw away her appealing “recent graduate” label and started to work in Berlin, Germany as a freelance translator and writer rather than finding a stable job. Besides work, she started a blog writing about her alternative way of living, which received a lot of support from the readers. In 2015, she was registered as an official blogger for The Huffington Post, and became renowned in both inside and outside Japan. By dispatching her messages that try to break through stereotypes hidden in commonly used words, such as “society member” or “equality”, she encourages various people to create future opportunities by themselves.

An original life is the envy of all, but it is not easy to live an original life.
wasabi chose to make her living as an freelancer by going off from the typical Japanese way of joining a company right after her graduation. She shares how she found her way up there?

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