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The hidden side of clinical trials | Sile Lane | TEDxMadrid
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Added Sep 28, 2016
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Almost 50% of the clinical trials are not published. A tragic truth that needs to be changed, in order to help doctor do their job properly and not to betray the trust of all those who have volunteered to be part of those trials.

Síle Lane is Director of Campaigns and Policy at Sense about Science, a London based charity concerned with the use and abuse of scientific evidence in public life. They stand up for the public interest in sound science and evidence, by advocating honesty and openness and equipping people to ask for evidence and understand it. Síle helps researchers, regulators, policy makers, companies and NGOs to talk about science and evidence openly and without stigma and intimidation. She ran the Libel Reform Campaign which overturned the centuries old defamation laws in the UK which were stifling discussion about research and evidence and resulted in the new Defamation Act 2013. Síle appears regularly in the media, chairs debates with leading scientists and commentators, and gives evidence to parliament in the UK and Ireland. She is setting up an office for Sense about Science in Brussels to work to increase scrutiny of policy making in the EU institutions.

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