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The library is not a place, it’s a concept. | Bill Ptacek | TEDxCalgary
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Added Oct 10, 2016
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Community libraries are part of the fabric of a city, but they're as much a concept as a physical place. Changing our thinking about the role of libraries as a place where communities are built and sustained takes us beyond books (still very important!) to all the other ways that libraries can connect us.

Revolutionizing Community

Breathing new life into how Calgarians access knowledge, information, culture, and stories, Bill Ptacek, CEO of the Calgary Public Library, is revolutionizing a beloved 104-year old institution to create the best public library in the world…one community library at a time. As the 240,000 sq. ft. New Central Library transforms downtown Calgary, the Library system is revolutionizing community building for the entire city, making the Library relevant in the lives of all Calgarians.

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