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The missing piece in wildlife conservation | Deborah McCauley | TEDxIEMadrid
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Added Oct 10, 2016
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Most of us grew up without being conscious on how difficult is to sustain wildlife. There has been very sad chapters on our history when we weren’t able to acknowledge the importance of biodiversity and the implications of our activities on wild habitats. In her talk, Dr. Deborah McCauley - a Wildlife Veterinarian - gives us a sneak peek of what we can accomplish if we work toward a more comprehensive approach on wildlife health. Have you ever wonder if are able to spread a disease on a natural reserve without noticing it?

Dr. Deborah McCauley has been involved with wildlife disease surveillance, wildlife capture and immobilization, field surgery, field research, disease prevention and response. In addition to her work with VIEW in Nepal, Dr. McCauley has worked with wildlife organizations including Wildlife Conservation Society’s Wolverine Program, Montana’s Fish Wildlife and Parks and ZooMontana.

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