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The musical Easter egg hunt: Finding the hidden gems in music | Jeff Beal | TEDxPenn
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Jeff Beal taps into the connection between music and visual imagery in film and television. His music has made many people cry, laugh, and find meaning in emotionally complex narrative moments, enabling us to create the maps and metaphors we can use to live a more rich and purposeful life. In his talk, Jeff explores the connection between the viewer and the audience and the dynamic link they form.

Trained as a jazz trumpeter and recording artist at the Eastman School of Music, Jeff composes, orchestrates, conducts, records and mixes his own scores, giving his music a very personal, distinctive touch. A four-time Emmy Award winner, he is sought after for his aesthetically interesting music which simultaneously supports the images on screen. He has composed the score and themes for the Netflix drama House of Cards, documentaries Blackfish and The Queen of Versailles, HBO series Carnivale and Rome, and television series Monk and The Newsroom, among others.

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