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The opportunity in sports for LGBT | Maki Muraki | TEDxUTokyo
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Sports can change the world. What should we do for people who are the LGBT and a sports player playing an active role in the sports and been accepted by others?
She shares with us the impact that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has to bring us closer to an LGBT-friendly athletic competition while connecting to her own experiences.

"村木真紀/ LGBT社会起業家
NPO法人 虹色ダイバーシティ代表。京都大学在学時代からLGBTなどの性的マイノリティの権利擁護活動に参加。2012年に性の多様性を祝福する意味のある「虹色」をシンボルとした「虹色ダイバーシティ」を立ち上げる。日本企業のダイバーシティ戦略にLGBTが含まれてないことに問題意識を持ち、企業向けの講演やコンサルティングを行っている。
Maki Muraki / LGBT Social Entrepreneur
Maki Muraki is a social entrepreneur who has focused on the LGBT rights movement since she was a student at Kyoto University. She founded Nijiiro Diversity in 2012, taking the colors of the rainbow (nijiiro) as its namesake and symbol, to celebrate the diversity of gender. Through Nijiiro Diversity, she focuses on raising awareness and consulting Japanese companies on LGBT equality in their management strategies."

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