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The power of mind | Arkadi Tsuker | TEDxNovosibirsk
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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What is the secret of a successful person? The key is to take any troubles of life as temporary difficulties. Just to keep faith in the power of your own will. And then you will see that all the problems considered as temporary, disappear. If it is temporary, you can beat it. Impossible turns into possible. And it's a fact.

What make us be so sure of this concept? Ask Arkadi Tsuker - a man who was born disabled. With 6% active brain, with no chance at a normal life, he beat cerebral palsy and became a successful consultant at the age of 20. And you know the reason for this huge success now - to take any issue as a temporary one, whatever the issue is.

Business coach, co-author of unique methodology of the research and development of breakthrough strategic solutions for the Russian market.

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