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The power of zero | Ellen Chu | TEDxDominicanIntlSchool
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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As we grow up, we learn new things and pick up new skills. We hope that those tools will help us navigate the quandaries of life. However, when we venture off into new and unknown territories, we often find ourselves beginning anew. Ellen explains how knowing nothing can be a good thing and how we can utilize our own power of zero.

Having graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, Ellen Chu has been working in the TV and radio entertainment field since 1992. With her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, Ellen hosted the Golden Bell award-winning traveling television program - 繞著地球跑 and many more television shows. She also starred in soap operas, television commercials, and won the best radio DJ in the 2014 Golden Bell award. Furthermore, she is known for hosting many large scale events in the industry. Ellen also published 2 books: 曲艾玲的A咖養成記 (a sharing of her personal life story and a guide to get into the top 50 universities in USA.) and 曲艾玲的A咖育兒魔法書 (a book for raising kids with a mind of their own) Last but not least, she is the founder and consultant of "XL ACADEMY”, which is a college prep school for students who wish to study abroad after high school.

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